The magical place that is Storybook Glen, one of Aberdeenshire’s finest tourist attractions

I love this place! Those fish right there inspired a childhood game called singing fish that involved us spinning in circles with our heads back screaming. I hope it’s still around when I have children of my own.



a fucking wild guinea pig

playing in a flock of butterflies…..

How can anyone be sad when this exists.

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My mind is wandering into sin-laced valleys.


Ziad Nakad Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2014

Oh my.

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Mama, I said
He wants to kiss me
And he won’t take no for an answer
She turned to me, eyes blazing
God help me, she said
Who taught these boys you are something to be had?
Don’t they know that your name means strength,
That your father gave it to you knowing what a force you would be?
You’re a wildfire, don’t they know?
You’re the entire ocean, not a puddle
They’ll come up choking for air
Next time you turn your head away from his lips and he turns it back,
Tell him your mother taught you that your body is a temple
Let him kneel before you
Let him pray in a whispered fervor
Let him swear his allegiance
Let him prove his devotion
Honey, you’re a goddamn wildfire
You choose who you burn

Fortesa Latifi - Mama (via madgirlf)